How to Develop Personas for Your Online Marketing

Earlier this year we discussed ways to build a winning online marketing plan. The first part of that discussion included a brief overview of developing personas and using them to customize your messaging for your target audience.

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Email Marketing: An Easy Guide to Content That Sells

Are you using email to keep in touch with your customers and leads? Direct marketing using email is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your target market. Email marketing also gives you an easy way to track and measure responses, so you can better customize your marketing content moving forward.

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Creating webinars your customers will love

Have you been thinking about using webinars to market your business? If you have been, you’re smart. Last year, there were more than 100 million online video viewers per day in the US (comScore). And because your customers now have the ability to access video at any time, and from nearly any device, this presents an incredible opportunity to engage them using this fast-growing delivery method.

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