Critical Business Metrics for Your Website, part 3

We wrap up our look at critical website metrics by discussing the bottom of the funnel. The best conversion optimization strategies don’t stop at the moment a purchase is made or when your team closes a deal. Total optimization must include both your ability to acquire customers, and your ability to retain them.

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Critical Metrics for Your Business Website, part 2

For this post, we’re moving further into the funnel to discuss additional metrics on your business website that can reveal problems in conversion and conversion flow. We’ll also talk about some of the methods for optimizing mid-funnel metrics to ensure the greatest ROI.

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Critical Metrics for Your Business Website, part 1

Traffic sources, backlinks, time on page, bounce rates, and more – small business owners and professionals are often drowning in a sea of available metrics.

In our personal experience working with small business owners and professionals across multiple industries, we’ve found that while most small business owners know that metrics tracking is important to their business, less than a quarter actually understand which metrics to track and how to do so effectively.

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